Wifi 4 Life

Even Charity Needs Innovations


We introduce to you the charity project WiFi 4 Life which aims to help homeless people return to a full life.

Our people will share Wi-Fi using borrowed pocket Wi-Fi hotspots around the center of Prague. They will receive meals, clothing, allowances and decent accommodation in return for their services.

The project will not be funded from the taxpayers’ money but exclusively from private donations and grants. However, in order to get it going, the project needs capital for the first two months of its operation. And so we ask you, the people of planet Internet, for a contribution to the achievement of that amount.


8:00 - he sets out from the shelter to the city centre by public transport
8:30 - he receives a breakfast and the Wi-fi hotspot device
9:00 - he sets out to his area where he will share the Wi-fi and a smile
12:00 - he receives a lunch coupon
17:00 - end of the working hours, the hotspot officer receives a dinner and the allowance

The working week runs from Wednesday to Sunday.
Public transport tickets are provided by our organisation.
The hotspot officer gets the meals to go or it is provided to him in a partner restaurant.
Every hotspot officer will be provided with a toilet facility.


Wifi 4 Life will enable re-integration of these people back into normal life, allow them to adopt healthy habits and to create valuable relationships. Reliable workers will be given a recommendation for future employers.


Thank you very much for supporting us on INDIEGOGO

For further information about sponsorship, please contact us on +420 734 709 285 or info@wifi4life.com


WiFi doesn't need to be carried by a homeless person, it can be just hidden somewhere in the streets.

Yes, you can say the same thing about the magazines that the homeless people have been selling or 17 years. It would be enough to have a magazine stand and a cashbox, no homeless person needed. But people buy these magazines not just to read them but also because they want to encourage and help a person that has been through difficult times but is still trying to get back up.

How will you prevent theft of the WiFi routers?

Every hotspot officer will receive from the charity more than what could he sell the router for. Selling it in a second-hand shop wouldn't bring him more than 10 euros but the allowance, accommodation, food and clothes has a higher value than that. If he steal the router, he will lose much more than he'll gain, and the cost to our organisation won't be too big.

WiFi in the streets is not necessary.

While most Czech people have internet in their phones, not everyone does. It must have happened to you that you used up all your data limit and you could no longer access the internet. And what about tourists? How many times have you gotten lost abroad and would could have really used an internet connection?

How will I recognise a hotspot officer in the street?

Our hotspot officer will wear characteristic clothes with the logo of our organisation marked Free WiFi and Free recharge. Moreover, your device will automatically recognise our WiFi even before you spot our officer.

How will the project be financed in the future?

Funds raised via IndieGoGo will enable us to start the project and at the same time they will show the support of the public. This support will enhance our credibility which will help us attract potential sponsors who will finance our future operation.



Ing. Luboš Boleček
+420 734 709 285

Mgr. Václav Hovorka

Milena Chmelíková