Know Your Japanese Brands: Honma

It is calculated by dividing a company’s price per share by its earnings per share. On 20 May well 2022, one particular of the most preferred Chinese actors, Li Yifeng, was named as HONMA’s new brand ambassador. The partnership aims to break the stereotype of golf as becoming old-fashioned and to further broaden HONMA’s reach to a wider spectrum of younger and sport-loving men and women. Solid, responsive really feel,…Read More

Tour Report: Inside The Huge Equipment News From The 2022 Fortinet Championship

I would presume this is far more applicable for a set split in the way I have with extra feel-orientated brief irons rather than much more playable lengthy irons. It also won’t apply to sets that are produced up like this as regular, like on the PXG ST Blade irons for example His putter meanwhile is a prototype Ping PLD3 mallet with 3 degrees loft at 35 inches in…Read More